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    As a result of the efforts of regional mobilization carried out since the very first edition of the World Water Forum, the Americas region launched the creation of the Water Forum of the Americas (WFA), a multi-stakeholder platform that aims at building consensus on water management issues in the Americas and at promoting the water agenda. The WFA is an autonomous and independent organization that gathers all-level government representatives, academicians, private sectors, water users and civil society, among others.

    The Americas regional process

    In coherence with the structure designed for the 6th World Water Forum, the characteristics of the region and the wide-participatory approach, two parallel approaches to the analysis of water needs and priorities have been proposed:

    • - A thematic approach for identifying regional targets; and
    • - A geographical approach for building consensus on key priorities and proposals at the sub-regional level.

    Based on the twelve priorities of the framework proposed by the International Forum Committee (IFC) of the 6th World Water Forum, the regional outputs and outcomes of the previous World Water Forums, and the SMART and WISE methodology, the WFA seeks to identify solutions to address water challenges within the following six thematic priorities of the region and their corresponding targets.

    Priorities and Targets in the region

    The priorities and targets identified in the region are as follows:

    AM1 Access to water and sanitation for all and the human right to water and sanitation in the Americas

    • AM1.1: By 2012 all countries in the Americas are aware of the implications and principles of the declaration of water and sanitation as human rights, and by 2015, 25% of the countries  of the region have a formal roadmap for the implementation of these rights.
    • AM1.2 : By 2020 at least half of the countries of the region have reduced the gap by 50% compared with the baseline of 2008 in both water service access and wastewater treatment service.

    AM2 Solutions from the Regional Policy Dialog (RPD) on Water and Climate Change Adaptation in the Americas

    • AM2.1: By March 2012, carry out an inventory of water-related climate change adaptation experiences in the Americas, be they public policies, regulations, laws, projects, programs, or other activities, be they local, national or supra-national in scope.
    • AM2.2: Between March 2009 and March 2012, stimulate the specific inclusion of water resources in 10% of new or existing national and local adaptation plans in the Americas, and reach a further 15% in both areas by March 2015.

    AM3 Good governance to integrated water and resources management (IWRM).

    • AM3.1 : By 2012, create a network of legislators, and mobilize networks of journalists on water resources in the Americas to contribute to the consolidation of legal and institutional frameworks on water issues.
    • AM3.2: By 2012, identify institutional reforms implemented by the countries in the Americas which take into account financial, environmental and social sustainability in water management.

    AM4 Contribute to food security by the optimal use of water

    • AM4.1: By 2015, increase the productivity of rainfed and irrigated agriculture lands in the Americas by 15% as compared to 2005 – 2007 baseline and such that by 2050 there is food security at affordable prices. Promote sustainable rural development under increased need for food production.
    • AM4.2: By 2020 increase the use of treated wastewater and/or low quality water in agriculture in the Americas by 25% as compared to the 2005 – 2007 baseline.

    AM5 Harmonize water and energy

    • AM5.1: By 2012, develop a Water-Energy Nexus collaboration Network for the Americas that will coordinate the development of sub-regional policies, guidelines and best-practices that promote the interdependency between water and energy.
    • AM5.2 : By 2015, carry-out inventory significant water and energy technologies, management systems, and practices and develop a roadmap for addressing infrastructure gaps and sustainability concerns.

    AM6 Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems

    • AM6.1: By 2015, the countries of Latin America will recognize the benefits that ecosystem services provide for water management, such as the conservation of catchment areas and those that water management itself must maintain to benefit society and ecosystems such as ecological flow. Strategies for their implementation must also be established.

    Regional Coordinator and key partners

    Regional Coordinator
    Mr. Victor Pochat
    Intergovernmental Council of the International Hydrological Program of UNESCO

    Key partners (this list is as present)

    For more information, email us at: americas@worldwaterforum6.org

    São Paulo Preparatory meeting 

    More information about the Preparatory Meeting of the Americas for the 6th World Water Forum - Water Champion Cities, Thematic Session, Political Process (27-29 June 2011 - São Paulo, Brazil)

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