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    The Arab Countries:

    North Africa: Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Comoros;

    Middle East: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, and Yemen.


    The Arab region made two major achievements in the water field during the last three years: the establishment of the Arab Water Ministerial Council (AWMC) in the year of 2008 under the League of Arab states; and the adaptation of the Arab Water Strategy by the AWMC in order to face the challenges of Arab water security and future demand of sustainable development (2010-2030).

    The objective of the AWMC is to coordinate and encourage exchanges of experiences for facing water shortage challenges in the Arab region and to represent the Arab region in the International activities. AWMC has represented and coordinated the Arab region along with the Arab Water Council in the 5th World Water Forum.

    The Arab Preparatory Committee for the 6th World Water Forum

    The Arab Ministerial Council for Water within the League of Arab States took a resolution that the Ministerial Council is the authority responsible for the preparation of the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille.

    The Council formed an Arab Preparatory Committee for the preparation of the Forum with the participation of:

    • 7 Arab Countries: members of the Executive Bureau of the Council
    • Center of Water Studies and Arab Water Security – Arab League
    • The General Secretariat of the Arab Ministerial Council for Interior Affairs
    • The General Secretariat of the Arab Ministerial Information Council
    • The Arab Center for Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD)
    • The Arab Organization of Culture, Science and Education
    • The Arab Organization for Cities
    • The Arab Organization of Agricultural Development
    • The Arab Parliament
    • The Union of the Arab Parliaments
    • The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)
    • The Arab Water Council
    • The Arab Water Academy
    • The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
    • The Arab Organization for Water Utilities
    • The Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED)

    The Arab Countries Cross-Continental Process

    The Arab Countries, members of the Arab League, are represented in the 6th World Water Forum as one Unit.

    The Arab countries cross-continental process gathers all stakeholders (Ministers, Governmental Organizations, non- Governmental Organizations, Parliamentarians, Local Authorities, Civil Society, and the related Regional and International Organizations and Institutions, and the partners of the Arab Ministerial Council for Water.

    The 2nd Arab Water Forum was held on 20-23 November in Cairo, Egypt, which is a milestone event in the preparation process of the 6th World Water Forum.

    The Arab Water Security Strategy

    The Strategy for Water Security in the Arab Region adopted in June 2011 by Arab Ministerial Council for Water was established to bring about appropriate solutions to ensure water security in the region.

    Five priority projects were identified for the integrated water resources management in the Arab region. These projects were used to define the Arab Region’s five Targets during the 6th World Water Forum to take place in Marseille in March 2012.

    Priorities and Targets in the Arab Region

    • AR1 - In the medium term (by 2020), raising water use efficiency by 15 to 25 % for meeting increased water demand and ensuring water and food security for facing the future challenges in accordance with the available water resources and the principals of sustainable development.
    • AR2 - Adoption, in the short term (by 2015), of integrated water policies which secure water for all sectors to achieve a maximum socioeconomic benefits and insure the implementation of the millennium development goals.
    • AR3 - Develop, in the medium term (by 2020), alternative and practical solutions for using non conventional water with focusing on the use of renewable energy in water desalination and water treatment for meeting the increasing water demand.
    • AR4.1 - By 2020 the signing of permanent agreements on shared water resources in the Arab region according to the "Arab Convention on shared Water Resources in the Arab region" and International Water Law.
      AR4.2 - By 2025 reinforcing the establishment of permanent agreements between riparian Arab countries and neighbouring countries on ground and surface water resources on reasonable and equitable basis and according to the International Water Law and historic agreements.
    • AR5 - In the medium term (by 2020), each Arab countries has defined a national policy for including climate change adaptation policy into national water policy.


    Dr. Djaballah Djamel Eddine The Arab Regional Coordinator
    Dr. Djaballah Djamel Eddine
    Minister plenipotiary
    Director of Environment, Housing, Water & Sustainable Development Department
    President of the Arab Coordination Committee
    Arab Ministerial Water Council League of Arab States
    Email: Arab@worldwaterforum6.orgArab@worldwaterforum6.org

    Assistant Coordinator
    Chahra  Ksia
    Minister plenipotiary
    President of Center of Water Studies and Arab Water Security
    League of Arab States

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