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    The objectives of the Political Commission are to facilitate a better understanding of water issues by political decision-makers, including outside the water sector, and to help give greater consideration to these issues at all levels of decision-making. Its mandate is to:

    coordinate the work of the 3 political segments (local and regional authorities / parliamentarians / governments) that the political outcomes effectively reflect the main issues, action targets and solutions emerging from the experts analyses and from regional priorities;

    - build on previous fora and move forward, by reviewing the commitments made (parliamentarians’ help desk, “Istanbul consensus” for local and regional authorities and “water champion cities”, topics in the ministerial declaration) and then taking forward selected topics or new commitments;

    - monitor the implementation of the decisions from the Forum of Istanbul and include into political documents (declarations, recommendations or voluntary commitments) the new recommendations of the various thematic and regional processes.

    The political process is chaired by Sujiro Seam, Deputy Director of the Global public goods directorate at the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and the Vice-President is András Szöllösy-Nagy, UNESCO- Institute for Water Education’s Rector.

    Parlemantarian Process
    French MP for the Pas-de-Calais
    World Water Council
    Local/Regional Authorities Process

    Former French Minister of environment –Mayor of Bourges
    World Water Council
    Governmental Process
    S. SEAM
    Minstry of Foreign and European Affairs
    World Water Council/ UNESCO


    Provisional Calendar

    February 2011
    UNEP Governing Council
    March 2011
    World Water Day (Cape Town)
    PrepCom 2 « Rio +20 »
    May 2011
    International meeting Local and Regional Authorities Process (Lyon)
    June 2011
    International preparatory meeting Parliamentarian Process (Strasbourg)
    August 2011
    World Water Week (Stockholm)
    Autumn 2011
    PrepCom 1 World Water Forum
    November 2011
    Conference « Bonn +10 »
    February 2012
    PrepCom 2 World Water Forum
    March 2012
    World Water Forum (Marseille)


    Ministerial Process

    The ministerial process wishes to make progress on targets specific to the Istanbul Ministerial Statement or standing out in the international negotiations, and to have the Marseille Forum’s recommendations recognised as a contribution to other ongoing UN processes, for example, on water and health (WHO) or the Rio+20 Conference (Mid 2012) via the green economy.

    > More information on the ministerial process

    Contact: j.newton@worldwaterforum6.org

    Forum documents

    The Ministerial Declaration in English

    The Ministerial Declaration in French

    The Ministerial Declaration in Russian

    The Ministerial Declaration in Spanish

    The Ministerial Declaration in Chinese

    The Ministerial Declaration in Arabic

    Parliamentarian Process

    The parliamentarian process aims at developing the permanent international Parliamentary “Helpdesk”. This tool will facilitate political cooperation regarding water-related legislation and will help share best practices and domestic water-related legislation.

    Parliamentarian events:

    More information on this process

    Contacts: s.legrand@worldwatercouncil.org or
    François-Xavier Imbert, fx.imbert@worldwaterforum6.org

    Local and Regional Authorities Process

    The Local and Regional Authorities process will highlight Local and Regional Authorities’ major role in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The 6th World Water Forum will build on the results of the political processes organised previously. Thereby, the Istanbul Water Consensus (IWC), main output of the Local and Regional Authorities political process of the 5th World Water Forum (Istanbul, 2009), is the cornerstone of the Local and Regional Authorities process of the 6th World Water Forum.

    More information on this process

    Contact: iwc@worldwatercouncil.org

    General Contact
     : political@worldwaterforum6.org

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