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    112 Ministers, Vice-Ministers and Secretaries of State took part in the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille © 6th World Water Forum / Christophe Taamourte
    112 Ministers, Vice-Ministers and Secretaries of State took part in the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille © 6th World Water Forum / Christophe Taamourte

    The 6th World Water Forum: a recognised success


    The 6th World Water Forum gathered more than 35,000 participants in Marseille

    • 15 heads of State, of governments and European Commissioners
    • 145 represented countries
    • 112 Ministers, Vice-Ministers and Secretaries of State
    • 176 national delegations and international organisations taking part in the Ministerial Declaration
    • More than 750 elected officials among which 250 mayors and 250 parliamentarians
    • More than 500 sponsorised persons
    • 3,500 NGOs and civil society representatives
    • More than 2,600 children and youth


    • Numerous high level sessions (Rio+20, Europe, Chad, Gaza, Niger etc.)
    • 1 ministerial conference
    • 12 ministerial roundtables
    • 6 trialogs (debate between national, regional and local authorities)
    • 2 days for the Local and Regional Authorities conference
    • 10 high level panels
    • 2 water debates
    • 1 day and a half for the parliamentary conference
    • 6  regional and transcontinental processes
    • 1 commitments’ session

    The world's largest meeting around water

    Every three years since 1997, the World Water Forum mobilises creativity, innovation, competence and know-how in favour of water. It gathers all stakeholders around today’s local, regional and global issues that cannot be undertaken without all stakeholders into a common framework of goals and concrete targets to reach.

    The goal of the 6th World Water Forum is to tackle the challenges our world is facing and to bring water high on all political agendas. There will be no sustainable development while the water issues remain unsolved. Everywhere on the planet, for all and everyone, the Right to Water (recognised by 189 states at the UN one year ago) must be guaranteed and implemented

    This is our first priority. But in total, our thematic process commission has developed 12 priorities to work as well as 3 conditions of success. Our regional process commission has also defined priorities and targets for Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and 2 cross continental regions.

    The 6th edition, Marseille 2012


    It is time for solutions and commitments!

    The 6th World Water Forum innovates with:

    • A roadmap to achieve concrete commitments, involving experts and decision-makers from different sectors and regions of the world.
    • A strengthening of the political process especially through significant contributions and commitments from parliamentarians and local and regional authorities from around the world.
    • Debates on sensitive issues.

    One week of discussions, hot debates, solutions and best practice sharing in order to achieve concrete solutions and commitments for the cause of water.
    The Forum is open to all who want to contribute and participate in the resolution of global water challenges!

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    The Forum outcomes

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