• Introduction

    In addressing water and sanitation challenges, the 6th World Water Forum seeks commitments and solutions for SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) priorities and targets identified through a WISE (Wide-Involvement Stakeholder Exchanges) approach. For this purpose the Regional Process focuses on:

    1. mobilising and engaging stakeholders throughout several regions of the world to contribute to the Forum and catalyze action at regional and local level;
    2. articulating priorities and targets that are relevant and important to the regions; and
    3. seeking commitments to follow-through and implement specific actions after the Forum.

    The Regional Process territories

    - 4 large continental regions: Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe,
    - 2 cross-continental regions: Mediterranean and Arab Countries

    A few additional processes may be initiated in order to better take into account the specificities of particular areas.

    You can also download here the updated poster of the regional targets

    The regional and cross-continental coordination

    In each region, one coordinating organisation was selected and the organisation’s contact person has been nominated as ‘Regional Coordinator’ (RC) or ‘Cross-Continental Coordinator’ (CCC). Each Coordinator receives seed funding to support the preparation of the Forum. Through the contribution of numerous partners, RCs and CCC play a prominent role in representing regional water and sanitation challenges at the Forum, and in building commitment and seeking solutions to the identified priority issues and targets.

    The path to targets and solutions in Marseille in 2012

    Water related issues and targets are first identified and prioritised through an inclusive consultation process of key representative stakeholders. Clear and realistic roadmaps are then established and agreed with all contributing partners. While some targets may be reached at the time of the Forum, the achievement of most targets is likely to require more time. In the latter case, key milestones will be presented during the Forum. Throughout the process, progress and achievements in each region will be reported by the coordinators and intermediary outcomes of the regional process will be shared on the Forum website.

    Keeping in mind that the overarching objective of the 6th World Water Forum is to forge solutions that work – which means that they must be scientifically credible, socially sound, adapted to local contexts, and financially and politically feasible – it is imperative to integrate the regional process with the other processes, namely, thematic, political, and grassroots and citizens. The primary reason to integrate interests across the four processes is to secure the most favorable commitments to implement actions and solutions, while there are other advantages across such process such as facilitating dialogues and deliberation.

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    Get involved and contribute!

    The success of the 6th World Water Forum depends on your contribution!

    Do you have a question on the general regional process? Do you want to be involved in making a difference? Please do not hesitate to send your queries or comments to the 6th World Water Forum Secretariat, Sophie Nguyen-Khoa, Regional Coordinator: s.nguyen-khoa@worldwaterforum6.org
    If you have questions related to a specific region or want to submit region-oriented solutions, please contact us with the email addresses below by region: 







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