• "Arid Zones and Desertification Area" a place of exchanges and discovery of arid areas

    23 April 2012

    With the support of the Grassroots & Citizenship Commission of the 6th World Water Forum, the NGO CARI developed for the Forum week a specific area, made of a village of tents, which staged debates, film screenings, and...> More

    Success of the European Regional Process

    13 April 2012

    The main points: A strong mobilisation of the European Commission, the European Year of Water event and a "blueprint" to help preserve European water resources> More

    Exhibition "Marseille, Longchamp et l’eau" prolonged

    03 April 2012

    The exhibtition of Michel Eisenlohr's photos of the Palais Longchamp, a historical monument dedicated to water in Marseille has been prolonged until 10 June 2012

    Commitments by the French Government

    22 March 2012

    The 6th World Water Forum is "the time for solutions." France, as a co-organizer of the forum, will make commitments both at the level of government and of the various other actors who participated in the preparatory processes...> More

    Grassroots and Local Commitments for Water

    22 March 2012

    Grassroots and Local Commitments for Water are based on knowledge, sharing and water preservation. In Marseille, they included education programmes, the creation of 32 water funds, the signature of the Istanbul Water Consensus,...> More

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    Strong international mobilisation for the Forum of Marseille

    22 March 2012

    The 6th World Water Forum was characterised by a strong mobilisation of the international political community and of civil society so as to make the cause of water and sanitation move forward during more than 400 open sessions of...> More

    North-South integration to address the challenge of the water resources and ecosystems

    22 March 2012

    “We’ll need two World Water Forums to define a real water and ecosystems management strategy,” indicates Chris Baker, Program and Strategy Director of the NGO  Wetland International (WI) , during the session “Committing to...> More

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