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    Q&A intended to the press to find out how they can participate and which press facilities are available during the week of the Forum.

    1. Who can ask for an accreditation?

    All journalists interested in the Forum, whatever the type of media they work for and whatever the subjects they cover, can ask to be accredited. We welcome accredited journalists from newspapers, radios, television channels, web publications, photographs and television teams as well as free-­lancers and bloggers.

    2. How can I get accredited?

    You can access the accreditation form on the Forum’s website under the ‘press’ tab:

    3. What is the procedure to get my visa?

    You will find useful information about travelling to France on the relevant French embassies and consulates’ websites, especially on how to get a visa (procedure, documents required).

    4. How can I receive an invitation mail if this is required for my visa?

    As soon as you register you can ask us for an invitation letter which can be used as proof of your trip’s purpose to France.

    5. Who can take care of my stay (hotel booking, transportation information)?

    You will find information on the Forum’s website in the ‘Practical Information’ section. Regarding accommodation, you can book your hotel room directly on the Forum’s website by clicking on the link below:

    Regarding transportation, we have a partnership with Air France-KLM which allows you to get special rates by presenting an identification code. In order to benefit from it, you have to login on the event’s website or on
    www.airfranceklm-­globalmeetings.com and present the identification code mentioned on the Forum’s website on the Travel and access page.

    For more information, the press service of the 6th World Water Forum is at your disposal.

    6. Where will I be able to work during the week of the forum?

    The Palais de l’Europe, located in the Chanot Park, will offer a fully equipped press room in order to facilitate the work of the journalists.

    7. How will the press room be organised?

    The press room will be divided into two separate sections: a workspace and a space to relax. Editing rooms, as well as a press office and a buffet with snacks and beverages will also be at your disposal.

    8. The workspace

    The workspace is fully equipped in order to satisfy all the needs of the journalists: desks and office equipment for the press and web journalists, editing rooms for television journalists.

    9. The press office

    The press office is managed by press officers who are in charge of the smooth operation of the press room, of giving to the journalists the information produced during the Forum, of informing them about press events (press conferences) and of answering to interview requests.

    10. The relaxation area

    The relaxation area is located next to the buffet. It offers journalists a place to meet with colleagues to cool off and discuss. It also is equipped with tables and power plugs for those who want to work in a more relaxed environment.

    11. What equipment will be available to facilitate my work?

    For the print press: 400 workstations with power plugs, phones, printers, faxes and access to the press agencies’ feed. For the radio and television press: editing rooms are available. Would you have any specific requirement, please contact the press service.

    12. Will I be able to connect to the WiFi? Will there be wired connexions?

    The press room is equipped with WiFi which can support 600 connexions at a time. For those of you whose laptop doesn’t have WiFi, wired connexions are available at the workstations of the workspace. Outside the press room, we will put at your disposal other WiFi-­covered areas which will be reported on the Chanot Park map as soon as you will arrive.

    13. How will I be able to phone in the press room?

    In case of emergency, wired phones will be at your disposal in the workspace.

    14. Will there be laptops available if I don’t have one?

    We strongly suggest that you bring your own laptop with an adapted plug because we shall unfortunately not have any laptops at your disposal. We will provide a few desk computers to type your articles or to work on your pictures.

    15. Shall I be able to benefit from technical assistance?

    An assistance is provided during the opening hours of the press room, which can step in for plugging, WiFi connexion, show you the correct way to use network equipment (printers etc.) and help you for technical issues.

    16. How can I access the work room?

    Desks will be accessible on a ‘first-­come, first-­served’ basis. Editing rooms for radio and TV media will be subject to booking through the media office.

    17. How will I be able to organise a one-­to-­one interview?

    Upon your arrival, you will receive a welcome guide describing the process you must follow to organise an interview with a Forum speaker. You will have access to small lounges so as to conduct the interview in a calm environment and we will show you how to book your lounge.

    18. What are the major press events?

    The conference programme will be included in the folder which you will receive during registration upon your arrival at the Forum. The detailed Forum programme will be released mid-­February and its content will be available online. You will then discover the programme for major press events. During the Forum, you will also be kept up-­to-­date of daily press events by logging in to the press room, where you will find a daily agenda.

    19. How and when will the press conferences take place?

    A daily press conference will take place around 5pm, (after the last conference). It will be located in the work room of the press room. During this conference, the press delegate from the IFC will deliver a report with the day’s upbeats and will announce the following day’s events.

    20. What sort of information can I have access to during the Forum?

    Before the Forum, press information and a monthly e-­newsletter

    More details on the Forum’s stakes

    • The details from the 12 Priorities for Action, which you can find here.
    • The Forum’s Political stakes with the political process, which you can view here
    • You can also check specific nformation regarding your region, available in the regional process.

    During the Forum Week, please go to the press room to receive information concerning the Forum; detailed programme and press events programme. Every morning, you will be able to pick up at the press room a summary of the previous day’s conferences and debates, as well as press releases that we will write during the Forum. Moreover, a digital press room will enable you to go through live press information and download copyright-­free information and pictures.

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