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    N°1 - Monday, 12 March 2012
world water forum Figures

120 ministerial delegations.

85 countries will make official declarations.

• More than 150 nationalities.

• More than 1 000 speakers.

1 000 hours of exchange and debate.

• More than 1 300 solutions already published.


world water forum Editorial

world water forum

Six days to focus our energies and find solutions

Political decision makers, economic actors and members of civil society, researchers, NGO representatives, I would like to thank you for your participation today at the sixth World Water Forum at Parc Chanot in Marseille.

This city, with its exemplary know-how in water treatment and management, is home to the World Water Council. The Council, the City of Marseille and the French Government are involved in this vast international event where 20 000 visitors are expected during the next six days.

  world water forum News in briefworld water forum
• OM supports "Wash United". The football game OM-Toulouse that was played on the 4th of March was dedicated to the association "Wash United ". read more

• Technical days. During the Forum, numerous technical days will be proposed... read more

• The Governance of irrigation schemes, the 'provencale' style. On the 14th of March, Société du Canal de Provence, the union of land owners (ASP) and the Chamber of Agriculture of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur... read more


world water forum News of the day

world water forum

A responsible water Forum

Limiting paper consumption, reducing carbon footprints and favoring local supplies... the Forum develops its biofriendly ethic.

The World Water Forum calls on participants' imagination to further the water cause. It sparks innovative ideas in order to reduce the Forum's "water imprint", be it directly or indirectly. Thus, the USB keys distributed allow participants to download the information that interests them off the site. All the summary documents are uploaded by the Forum teams as the events take place. Saving paper is consistent with significantly reducing water consumption.

world water forum
• The Port of Marseille-Fos revealed. The Port of Marseilles-Fos is organising a technical visit by boat on the 14th of March. First French Port, GPMM excels in the traffic of hydrocarbons. read more

• Thau laguna : an exemplary solution. For an exceptional place, an exemplary solution. read more

• Plug it in in Saint Chamas. 35% of electricity produced in region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur comes from 50 hydropower units operated by EDF on rivers Durance and Verdon. read more


world water forumThe Forum's interactive programme, a 2.0 tool

Thanks to the Forum's interactive programme, each participant may customize his/her agenda. Shortly after the events of the week take place, this database will include new documents and will be useful to everyone who will need to refer.

"Everyday 30 to 35 events will take place simultaneously, arousing the participants' interest," explains François Lacroix, Program Director of the International Forum Committee. In order to guide the participants through this vast offer, the organisation of the Forum has been working for three years in an interactive, customizable program available on the forum's website.

world water forum
• Saturday Opened For Public. The 6th World Water Forum will be opened for everybody on the 17th of March 2012. read more

• The twelve labours of Graffme. The artists' collective L'Artmada will work on 12 "paintings" on the Forum's esplanade, at the parc Charnot, Marseille to illustrate the 12 priorities of the 6th World Water Forum. read more

• « Cool Globes » exhibition. Exhibited in the streets of Marseille from 8 June until 8 October 2010, the 13 Cool Globes will be visible during the World Water Forum. One will be auctionned off. read more

world water forumSolutions: The 6th World Water Forum events Official Gazette

Solutions, the official newsletter of the 6th World Water Forum, will display complete summaries of each days primary events. These articles will be written by volunteers of the Projection Network who come from 19 different countries.

The World Water Forum will engage 27 young professionals of Projection Network to write and translate Solutions, an eight-page daily internet and print newspaper specifically covering the Forum. The writers include a team of eight journalists, graphic designers and webmasters of the online economic journal,

The young professionals include students and newly minted employees currently working or vying to work in the water domain normally dominated by engineers.

world water forum
• Marseille, a city bluer than blue. Whether dealing with football or the city's coat of arms or landscapes, Marseille likes it blue ! read more

• Local authorities on the front line. Local authorities play a great role in the 6th World Water Forum. A first step was made during the last Forum with the approval of the Istanbul Pact for Water. 950 local governments already signed it. read more

• Water, a source of inspiration for French journalists. Two films, two visions. French photographer and environment advocate Yann Arthus Bertrand will present his new movie A Thirsty World... read more


world water forumFrantic civil society initiatives

Water is not an issue reserved for governments, local authorities, companies or scientists. Citizens also want to contribute to debates. At the 6th World Water Forum, they express themselves through the successful "Grassroots & citizenship" project.

This innovative project has been created for consumers and different stakeholders as a Forum to share ideas and initiatives not exclusively reserved for political and water experts. The "Grassroots & citizenship" commission aims to root the Forum in local, national, regional and international realities. The commision collects, analyzes and qualifies projects according to principles stated in the December 2011 charter, which guarantee the projects will conform to the objectives and spirit of the event. At the Forum's opening, almost 150 projects have been thus qualified. These projects increase delegate and public awareness of issues regarding water supply and sanitation, look beyond their immediate environment.

world water forum
• A wave of youth. Preserve water resources where they are threatened; provide them when they aren't future challenges for today's youth. read more

• « Life under the ships». During the World Water Forum, Marseille Fos Port Authority will present an exhibition of submarine photographs displaying its port basin. read more

• Water and Photography. No less than fifteen exhibitions will illustrate the close links between water and photography. These exhibitions will take place all over Marseille... read more


world water forumThe UN 2012 annual report: Water management in a world of risks and uncertainties

Intensified climate change and a tremendous increase in world water demand exacerbate the pressure on freshwater, slightly aggravating the economic disparities between countries. This is the discovery made by the United Nations in its last annual report presented today in Marseille.

"Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk", the 4th edition of the world report on the valorisation of water resources published by the United Nations, will be presented today at 3:00 PM at the Parc Chanot by Irina Bokova, General Director of UNESCO and Michel Jarraud, UN-Water President and General Secretary of the World Meteorological Organisation. The conclusions of this important UN report will be presented by Olcay Ünver, Coordinator of the WWAP.

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