• World water problems : the answer will come from women

    17 March 2012

    - What is your main message concerning women and water? 
    Women and children are the most vulnerable persons to water issues. Because of limited water and the absence of hygiene facilities many young girls have to drop out of school when they reach puberty. At the same time, women are supplying water and walk an average of fifteen kilometers a day, spending  eight hours collecting water that is not always safe to drink. 
    - What is the solution you would like to promote to the readers of the “Forum Gazette”? 
    I think it is important to build and support projects for water and sanitation for all. The Green Cross initiative “Smart Water for Green Schools” helps to improve the lives of populations in Bolivia by implementing rainwater harvesting systems and providing educational programmes related to hygiene, sanitation and environmental awareness. 400 000 persons benefited from these initiatives in Bolivia so far. 
    - What do you hope will be achieved at the end of the 6th World Water Forum? 
    In conditions of water scarcity, some players such as big corporations could possibly take over to make profits at a stage where this could hamper the community. To avoid this, cooperation is needed as well as spreading the message of local communities. I hope that this Forum will help more women getting access to decision-making because they are the most efficient when it comes to bringing sustainable solutions to the issues linked with water. Women face the problem daily and know best what needs to be done.

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