• It’s time to share by Loïc Fauchon

    President of the World Water Council

    loïc fauchon

    On the long road to water access for all, we are standing at a crossroads. We are now in a world with scarce resources: a world in which the fate of future generations lies on our capacity to move from pillage to sharing.

    Yet in the meantime, it is paramount that we satisfy the essential needs of billions of children, men and women for whom we have to guaranty food, health, education and, first and foremost, energy and water so that they can finally pull themselves out of poverty.

    Year after year, the response to water and sanitation issues has become increasingly of a political order. The World Water Council, notably through the organisation of the Forums, has strongly contributed to place this priority at the top of the development agenda, in the South but also in the North.

    But we need to go further since, beyond words and declarations, what our planet needs is concrete and credible actions. This is the challenge that France, Marseille and the World Water Council have decided to take up by organising the 6th World Water Forum in March 2012.

    This challenge calls for courage, imagination, boldness and perseverance. It is up to each of us to contribute by putting on the table the thousands of solutions that we will introduce and discuss with the particular openness that characterises World Water Forums.

    Our mobilisation must be complete, political and public-spirited: public-spirited because the impulse and solutions essentially come from the field; political because the commitments to action will come from decision makers.

    The solutions will be useful and sustainable in so far as the commitments are strong and backed by figures. And to achieve this and assert this global and local base, we will organise, throughout the world, hundreds of events and encounters to let the voice of water be heard.

    The Marseille Forum represents a formidable opportunity for the cause of water. Let’s make the best out of it with your participation and your support.

    You are all welcomed to join the Forum of Solutions.

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