• Tunis seminar on Partnerships for the Right to water

    28-29 June 2011 - Gamarth, Tunisia

    28-29 June 2011, Gamarth, Tunisia

    Labellised '6th World Water Forum' by the Roots & Citizenship Commission, this seminar is organised by the UNDP Geneva, UNCDF, the Sahara and Sahel Observatory, with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

    Theme of the seminar

    Partnerships for the Right to water: "What mechanisms and strategies are to be implemented for the right to water to become reality"

    Objectives of the seminar

    In pursuing the intitative "1% for the 7C", the objective is to enable people and organisations who have experience in the field of access to water, to discuss about:

    • The ability to create a universal regulatory mechanism - leaving aside the North / South logic - that would guarantee access to water and sanitation for all .
    • Provision of a multi-stakeholder governance South / North of this mechanism with its hub in local authorities.
    • Political, legal and operational opportunities and obligations for the establishment of a voluntary levy on water budgets managed by local authorities, made available to local government water projects in developing countries.

    Included in the program are key topics such as

    • Strategies for support by the European institutional framework mobilising for innovative financing of water
    • Mechanisms and African, American, Asian and other countries' strategies for advocacy for innovative financing of water
    • How to "globalize" the different strategies?

    Number of people expected

    100 experts on the access to water law

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    Category: Thematic Process, Regional Process, Grassroots & citizenship Process

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