• The World Water Council brings together Local and Regional Authorities in Barcelona ahead of 6th World Water Forum

    05 March 2012

    On Wednesday in Barcelona, was held a meeting to prepare for the International Conference of Local & Regional Authorities (taking place between 14 - 15 March), organized by the World Water Council and the united Local Governments and Cities. Taking place in the city hall of Barcelona, this meeting brought together around forty delegates of Local & Regional Authorities.

    Worldwide elected stakeholders, people who signed the Istanbul Water Consensus, Presidents of Regions as well as representatives / members of organizations from international Local and Regional Authorities met for this work-meeting which aims at discussing and confirming the agenda of the
    conference, as well as the interactions between the other members of governance and the political message that the Local Governments want to deliver during the 6th World Water Forum.

    At the end of this meeting, after some intense debates, a political message put forward by the Local & Regional Authorities at the 6th World Water Forum has been accepted by their main French and international representative organizations. In 2009, during the 5th World Water Forum, the local elected stakeholders, their representative organizations and the World Water Council worked together to make elected stakeholders from the entire world aware of the cause and make them adopt the Istanbul Water Consensus. When
    they signed this Consensus, the elected stakeholders were engaged in elaborating approaches integrating the water management to cope with the global changes and place at the centre of their strategies water and its sanitation.

    Up to date, more than a thousand of cities and regions, from 49 countries in the world, have joined the Istanbul Water Consensus and have taken measures for a better governance of water. Loïc Fauchon, President of the World Water Council: “With the Istanbul Water Consensus, one of the fundamental goals of Local and Regional Authorities is to answer the growing challenges of
    water. We ask the States to put forward the topic of Water and its sanitation as a whole part of the sustainable development at the 6th World Water Forum and the Rio +20 Conference in June 2012”.

    About the World Water Council

    The World Water Council has been created in1996 by several States and international organizations to sensitize the public opinion and political authorities internationally to bring the cause of the water forward. The World Water Council which has its headquarters in Marseille gathers around 350 organizations members of 70 countries.

    Major actor internationally in the questions dealing with water, the World Water Council, will organize with France and Marseille the 6th World Water Forum dedicated to the water solutions and engagements, which will be held in Marseille from 12 to 17.March.

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