• The Thau lagoon: an exemplary integrated management in the Mediterranean

    15 March 2012 - Thau Lagoon (Montpellier), France
    Thau Lagoon

    Thau Lagoon © Franck Billeton (Ville de Mèze) – et Direction Communication (CG34)

    Thau Lagoon

    Thau Lagoon © Franck Billeton (Ville de Mèze) – et Direction Communication (CG34)


    Agence de l’Eau Rhône Méditerranée et Corse – Département de l’Hérault – Syndicat Mixte du Bassin de Thau

    Description of the visit:

    The Thau Lagoon is an exceptional site which links the land to the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France. It possesses a strong environmental heritage, economic potential, and an unequalled social wealth.

    The Thau Lagoon is now seen as a pilot site for sustainable and global management.

    Although it boasts a rich diversity, the territory is fragile, as economic activities depend on the quality of the environment. The policies pursued over the last few decades partially responded to the lagoon’s problems and enabled the identification of the prospects for progress.

    Interrelationships and issues related to the management of water and activities require the carrying out of a multidisciplinary approach to partnerships across the region. This unique approach is currently set up through a Contract for the integrated management of the Thau territory, aiming at conservation and sustainable development.

    The morning will be dedicated to panel discussions, and the afternoon to field trips.


    • Start time: Wednesday, 14 March at 16h30
    • Meeting point: Stade Vélodrome (to be confirmed)
    • Visit start: 14 March at 20h00 at the Conseil Général de Montpellier (General Council of Montpellier) and continuing on 15 March throughout the day
    • Technical visit locations: Montpellier and Sète
    • Visit end time: 15 March at 17h00
    • Return time in Marseille: 15 March at 20h00
    • Drop-off location: Stade Vélodrome


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