• Symposium "Water and international solidarity, which partnership?"

    09 December 2011 - Bordeaux, France

    The Water basin Agency of Adour Garonne and the city of Bordeaux are organising a symposium December 9, 2011 in Bordeaux on the theme "Water and International Solidarity: Which partnership?".

    This conference will give the floor to representatives of national organisations and communities (local elected officials, parliamentarians, NGO actors, PsEau, MAEE, MEDDTL, AFD, AIMF, ...) as well as personalities of international organizations (UN, UNDP, EU, ??UCLG, CUF, ...). Important witnesses will be sought after, such as politicians and water stakeholders in Senegal, Colombia, Palestine, Congo, etc.

    Free registration:
    Tel: 05 61 36 82 71

    Cité mondiale de Bordeaux
    18 parvis des Chartrons

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