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    22 March 2012

    Members of Parliament from Bhutan, Mali and Benin presented their commitments to the Forum (Photo credit: 6th World Water Forum/ Christophe Taamourte)

    6th World Water Forum, the stakeholders commit to the path of water policies. The implementation of more integrative solutions and the enforcement of existing rules and international agreements were discussed.

    More integrative solutions

    All actors agree on the need to integrate all water-related issues, including services rendered by the environment. The Academy of water is committed for example, through Jean-Luc Redaud, "to establish of a platform for exchanges between scientists and managers" to integrate climate change. EDF meanwhile, with the International Hydropower Association and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, agree to limit the water footprint of its waterworks.

    A consensus also appears to promote the construction of multi-level governance. "We recognise the value and necessity of the involvement of local governments to achieve universal access to water and sanitation" says Juanita During, the Intergovernmental Agency of water and sanitation in Africa.

    Enforcement and existing regulations
    Representatives of parliamentarians worldwide and OECD agree to the inclusion of the right to water and sanitation in national policies. They support States to implement existing laws and conventions.

    International agreements
    New agreements were launched, as an agreement on groundwater in the Arab region. This is to implement an integrated water management, highlights Chahra Kisa, president of the center of Arab water security. Several organisations are engaged in creating international structures to share information and experiences: Association of Latin American multinationals FEMSA, for example, plans to invest $ 27 million in 32 funds for watershed conservation in their region.

    Efforts must continue. Brice Lalonde, coordinator of the Sustainable Development Summit, is committed in this way: "I will carry the best resolutions from the World Water Forum in Marseille at the top of Rio +20."

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