• Grassroots and Local Commitments for Water

    22 March 2012

    Grassroots and Local Commitments for Water are based on knowledge, sharing and water preservation. In Marseille, they included education programmes, the creation of 32 water funds, the signature of the Istanbul Water Consensus, and the creation of a knowledge sharing network.

    The human being is the foundation of the commitments. “However small we might be, we must act for water”, highlights President of the World Youth Parliament for Water, Bart Devos. The numerous commitments aim to “build ties” between the young and the authorities, across generations, between the scientific and political worlds, and among neighbours of the same water basin. For example, one of the commitments of the French Academy for Water is the creation of a sharing platform for climatologists and water network managers.

    “Solutions must be in harmony with the land”, insists French Minister for Cooperation, Henri de Raincourt.

    Other key players, including Marseille high school student Michel Frey, also aim to conserve water resources. He is one of the water “sentinels”, who are committed to spreading awareness among other high school students “so that they do not spend half an hour in the shower”.

    “Marseille is committing for water”, states Martine Vassal, Deputy Mayor of Marseille and President of the Grassroots and Citizenship Commission. Save, Act and Share has become the new triptych of Marseille. One of the primary themes of the 6th World Water Forum is empowering local key players and officials, associations and citizens to act.

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