• All mobilised!

    17 March 2012

    All mobilised! 
    The 6th World Water Forum, a great echoing opportunity to raise higher the cause of water on the international agenda, has highlighted the important role of civil society, notably through the succeeding statements of different personalities during the opening ceremony. 
    Thus, everyone must take responsibility, the public power, the managing authorities, the experts, but also civil society. 
    Many associations, NGOs, neighborhood committees, schools, and voluntary citizens mobilised at the 6th Forum in Marseille and around the world through various initiatives: humanitarian, academic, technical, educational, cultural, artistic and otherwise. 
    Artists, filmmakers, youth and women have also made ??their voices heard on water issues, in their own ways, with their own solutions and with their own commitments. 
    Martine Vassal, President of the Roots and Citizenship Commission of the 6th World Water Forum 

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