Week design

Monday 12 March: Time for Solutions! Opening ceremony and plenary sessions inspiring strategic directions.
The Forum will bring together at the same table the stakeholders from different worlds and activities, with different interests and goals, to discuss and work on common objectives. Priorities and conditions for success will set the stage for the week.

Tuesday 13 March to Thursday 15 March: Over 250 sessions dedicated to Solutions!
Results of the thematic, political and regional commissions, these 3 days of intense discussions and debates will highlight promising solutions - technical, legal, financial, educational, etc. - the whole planet can benefit from.

Friday 16 March: D-Day for Commitments to face global water challenges.
From experts to decision-makers, all the stakeholders will commit to actions to be financed and implemented, in a short to medium time frame.

Saturday 17 March: Final synthesis and closing ceremony. Time for Solutions!
Declarations for the future of water on our planet and for a sustainable development with fair room given to solving water issues.

Political Meetings

The Ministerial Declaration is being prepared through a series of Preparatory Committee meetings (PrepComs) by national governments in consultation with Major Groups, international organisations and the thematic/ regional coordinators of the Forum.

Regional Trialogues will be organised among Ministers, Parliamentarians and Local/Regional Authorities. These Trialogues will be based on targets selected by the regions themselves and discussed as to how each level of government can help the other in their implementation and whether improved multi-level governance mechanisms would aid in achieving their solutions.

High Level Roundtables will be convened by one or more countries during the Forum, which facilitate an in-depth dialogue with ministers and representatives from intergovernmental organisations, civil society, the private sector, academia and local and parliamentary elected officials.

The 6th World Water Forum innovates

  • A Platform of Solutions, accessible to everyone, to last beyond 2012.
  • A roadmap to achieve concrete commitments, involving experts and decision-makers from different sectors and regions of the world.
  • A new commission, “Grassroots & Citizenship”, to involve and mobilise civil society.
  • A strengthening of the political process especially through significant contributions and commitments from parliamentarians and local and regional authorities from around the world.
  • Debates on sensitive issues.


The outputs of the 6th World Water Forum

A Ministerial Declaration, Stakeholders’ Commitments, Forum statements, the Platform of Solutions, the Global Water Framework, ... Access all the outputs on  the Forum Outcomes page

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Post-Forum Highlights

The Forum outcomes

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