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What is a Solution?

Existing or innovative solutions can be legal (a law, a decree, a treaty…), technical (an appropriate device, a plant, a tool, a software…), institutional (governance structures, plans, policies…), financial (levy, transfers, tariffs…) or educational (advocacy campaigns, videos, leaflets…).

Above all, your solution must contribute to solving a key water-related issue and help address any of the World Water Forum priorities and conditions of success.

7 criteria will help identify the most promising solutions:

  • Strategic conformity with a Forum target: the solution addresses a specific need or a problem in a way that helps reach the target
  • Feasability: the solution has already been successfully implemented and shared
  • Cost-effectiveness: the solution yields significant impacts (outputs, outcomes) given the level of investments required (not only financial) and/or when compared to other possible solutions that could be applied to achieve the same target
  • Demonstrated impact: the solution’s positive impact has been demonstrated and success factors have been identified
  • Replicability: the solution has potential for scaling up or replication in other contexts
  • Commitment: the solution has convinced a range of stakeholders to commit to implement it in the future
  • Sustainability: the solution can continue to deliver tangible positive social, economic and environmental impacts on the long run

Your organisation wishes to share one or more solutions with the world:

Propose it directly on the Platform of Solutions:

You can use the aid card of our Solutions kit, and see this page to get more information.


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