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Sponsorship policy

Committing in a wide involvement stakeholder exchange (WISE) process, the 6th World Water Forum organisers aim to ensure a geographical and institutional balanced representation of water actors so that most water issues can be voiced and considered.
The International Forum Committee will provide, within set time and budget, material help to low-resource contributors to the 6th Forum: active contributors in thematic and regional sessions or Grassroots & Citizenship events, including youth and NGOs ; elected representatives from Local or Regional Authorities as well as national Parliamentarians; partners and other relevant stakeholders.
Application deadline : 31st December 31, 2011
The sponsorship application form you need to fill-in can be sent through the online form below.
Application need to be motivated and substantiated for IFC review, which will study carefully each request, keeping in mind geographical and institutional balance within and across groups, stakeholder categories and regions. This will be done in close liaison with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to tackle with the visa issuance issue.
Potential beneficiaries are also invited to refer - for information - to their core coordinators, or to regional coordinators, or to the Grassroots & Citizenship commission, or political process commission.
Financial support may be full or partial. Application does not guarantee funding. Applications received after the deadline, December 31, will not be evaluated.
Answer will be sent by 15th January 2012.

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