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The Local and Citizen’s Process of the 6th World Water Forum to launch one of the first actions to be certified

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Within the framework of the World Water Day – March 22nd 2011, one year crushes before the huge international event that will gather more than twenty thousand people from around the world in Marseille – France, the 6th World Water Forum presents one of the first event to be certified.

By supporting the event “The Little Water Explorers”, an educational action organized by SERAM – Suez Environnement international group, in charge of used Water in Marseille, in partnership with the House of Nature, the Local and Citizen’s Process offers to the youngest a great way to discover concretely the big water cycle and particularly leads the participants to adopt eco friendly habits with the use of water.

Around tree hundreds Marseille pupils from primary schools working on water theme activities, have been offered, during this very special day, to attend nine discovery workshops on the water cycle, sanitation and preservation of aquatic environments in the Mediterranean. an education action organized

“The 6th World Water Forum is particularly proud to support such an educational initiative that totally meets the objective of raising awareness of the general public. Teach children to respect water and to adopt an eco- friendly behavior is essential” to confess Martine Vassal, President of the Local and Citizen’s Process, Deputy Mayor of the City of Marseille, who has been deeply involved in the day. This eco-friendly awareness action has also been supported by many deputy mayors and representatives of the City of Marseille, who had the pleasure to attend the event.

Many water related events meeting the qualification criteria (to download the labeling charter, click here) will be supported by the 6th World Water Forum towards 2012.

Organised by the French Government, the World Water Council, and the City of Marseille, the 6th World Water Forum, to be hosted in Marseille between 12-17 March 2012, will be the «Forum of Solutions and engagements ». The Forum is an open and prolific space. Neither congress, nor fair, not even a cultural event, the Forum is all these things at one and the same time. Multifaceted, it promotes communication and awareness in the general public. Original and in perpetual motion, it provides an opportunity for the development of novel and consensual solutions, solutions which often reappear in the context of international negotiations.

For more information or to set up an interview, please contact :
Aurore Sun : +33 (0)6 19 80 42 67 // Claudine Chilinski : +33 (0)6 38 13 16 51 //

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