The World Water Forum contributes to the world water day

In anticipation of World Water Day 2011, the Secretariate of the 6th World Water Forum announced official recognition as “precursor events”, four water related events. “Energy and Water: Partners in stress” (Abu Dhabi, March 27/28) is a two-day seminar organized by the think tank (Re)sources to explore linkages between water and energy, and, how coordinated and rational policies can greatly improve water availability and energy efficiency. The international forum for development and employment in essential services, “Defis Sud” (Paris, March 25/26) will introduce graduate students and entry-level professionals to the challenges and rewards of international public service.  The 24th European conference of the ICID (International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage), (Orleans, March 14/16) will assemble irrigation professionals and agricultural engineers from around the world to work on aquifer regulation, water quality and food security.  The ICID is also a member of the 6th World Water Forum steering committee. Public service education From River to Sea… will be at the heart of community efforts to memorialize sustainable development week (the Aix-Marseille School District, April 1/7) in this first ever collaboration between the Board of Education and public service providers.

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