International call for solutions and commitments to address global water challenges

25 August 2011

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Focusing on solutions and practical actions, the 6th World Water Forum that will be hosted in Marseille, France, on March 12 to 17, 2012, will be the Forum of solutions and commitments. At the Stockholm World Water Week, Pr. Benedito Braga, President of the 6th World Water Forum, has officially launched the international Platform for Solutions and made a call for active contribution from all.

In order to enable a widespread involvement and to trigger concrete contributions for water, the Forum organisers have established a web-based “Platform of Solutions” open to all stakeholders and public at large. This interactive tool enables everyone to propose and access feasible solutions. It also helps foster and secure the necessary commitments for their implementation and upscaling throughout the world.

Designed by the International Forum Committee of the 6th World Water Forum, this platform is an open-source, English-language, sustainable digital tool dedicated to collect, to share and to follow solutions and commitments for water, from the international water community, but not only, driven by our global priorities and our thematic or regional targets, following a WISE methodology: Wide Involvement Stakeholders Exchanges. This international platform is a working space, a knowledge-sharing basis, a network as well as an international communication and exchange device.

What is a Solution? Existing or innovative solutions can be legal (a law, a decree, a treaty...), technical (an appropriate device, a plant, a tool, a software...), institutional (governance structures, plans, policies...), financial (levy, transfers, tariffs...) or communication-related (advocacy campaigns, videos, leaflets...). Above all, the solution must contribute to tackling a key water-related issue and help reach the World Water Forum targets in any regions in the world. A set of 7 criteria will help contributors identify relevant solutions: fit with the Forum priorities and targets, feasibility, cost-effectiveness, demonstrated impact, replicability, existing commitment, and sustainability.

Pr. Benedito Braga explained “This is the Forum of Solutions, and as such, we are looking for feasible proposals towards solving the water challenges around the world. As such, our Solutions Fair at the Stockholm Water Week was instrumental in generating momentum and enabled water stakeholders to present more than 200 solutions to help address water challenges throughout the world. For example, an encouraging solution has been proposed “to provide affordable water purification and supply services to poor urban communities in India”

About the 6th World Water Forum:
The 6th World Water Forum is organised by the French State together with the World Water Council and the City of Marseille. This “Forum of Solutions” will take place on March 12 to 17, 2012, in Marseille, France. The four preparatory
processes (political, regional, thematic and local) have been initiated to bring all key stakeholders together to share solutions and commit to concrete actions.

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