Volunteers start preparing for the Forum

27-28 January 2012 - Marseille

Close to 300 volunteers were at the training days organised by the Grassroots & Citizenship commission, on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 January 2012.

This 2-day event was organised to educate and train volunteers for the Forum week. It included presentations by Martine Vassal, president of the Grassroots & Citizenship commission, and Nathalie Berthelier, the commission’s coordinator.

The participants attended conferences on water and climate change by Dominique Roux, on water management by Jean-Yves Guivarch, on desertification by Patrice Burger, and on environmental education by Jean Asso.

Volunteers were also able to discover the local expertise in water and sanitation, through guided tours of water-related sites in Marseille and its region, such as the Palais Longchamp and the Canal de Marseille.
During her presentation, Mrs Vassal emphasised the importance of opening the debate to citizens and of ensuring that the 6th World Water Forum be a forum of discussions and mutual respect.

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