The forum’s interactive programme, a 2.0 tool

Thanks to the forum’s interactive programme, each participant may customize his/her agenda. Shortly after the events of the week take place, this database will include new documents and will be useful to everyone who will need to refer.

"Everyday 30 to 35 events will take place simultaneously, arousing the participants' interest," explains François Lacroix, Program Director of the International Forum Committee.
In order to guide the participants through this vast offer, the organisation of the forum has been working for three years in an interactive, customizable program available on the forum’s website.
This innovative tool allows optimising their week’s agenda, tailoring them a program thanks to an integrated search motor. In a glance, it is possible to review the events as a whole or by categories: grassroots and citizenship events, conferences and sessions, side events…

The location parameters – only Parc Chanot, Marseille or France – can be also defined.
A code of color renders easy displaying information: blue for political sessions, orange for regional sessions, purple for high level events, etc… In each case the participants may check the details of the session in practical aspects and content terms. Are disclosed the accessibility, spoken languages and participating personalities. By clicking on the “A quick look at the Forum sessions” tab, the website proposes an exhaustive overview of the events.
A system of favorites allows defining your own program depending on your priorities. By a single click on “My Favorites” , the participant adds the event in his personal program. The mobile applications for iPad, iPhone and Android guarantee swift access to the information, while a “Flashcode” scan system allows spotting the event being held in a room in real time. Social networks (Facebook and Twitter) makes it possible to share events in real time.

A baseline for the next forum 

This innovative tool is intended to be a living tool that incorporates every day new data. “We will add the information there as we receive it,” emphasizes François Lacroix. In addition, detailed information on the events and reports of the Pilot Groups and Target and Solution Groups, videos, presentations and press conferences will also be posted throughout the forum’s week. The goal: progressively transforminthe program so that it may constitute “an operational database for everyone who will need to refer to it,” underlines Claudine Chilinski, responsible of the forum’s communication.

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