Technical field trips "Water, Lake and Alpine Convention"

15-16 March 2012 - Marseille and the Durance Valley, France


Alpine Lakes


Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council

Description of the visit:

The seminar will strive to cross-pollinate local, regional and European approaches to the water problem in mountains and in the Alps and the specific role held by lakes as “gauges” and/or “wardens” of water resources (in quality as well as quantity), water facing today’s challenges and pressures, especially global warming.

This technical day will shed light on different themes, problems, possible solutions, available tools such as:

  • managing conflicting water users (professional activities, tourism activities, environment qualities…)
  • solidarity in sharing water resources
  • urbanizing water fronts


Date 1 : 15/03/12 ;  9h a.m. to 16.30 : Technical conference, Hôtel de Région, 27 Place J. Guesde, Marseille (Subway access : Colbert station)

N.B.: Conference will be showed by regional website in Parc Chanot, Regional council area

Date 2 : 16/03/12 ; 8h30 to 18h30, hydropower production units, water drinking and agriculture channels sites visited by bus in Durance valley.

  • Departure : Registration and Passport are necessary ; meeting point at 8h15 a.m. at Saint-Charles Bus Station (close to Saint-Charles Railway and subway station)
  • Back to Marseille : 18h30, same place.

More info <media 984 _blank>here</media>.


Please follow this link for the registration platform or download the <media 985 _blank>registration form</media>.

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