Solutions: The 6th World Water Forum events Official Gazette

Young Professionals at Work © CIF Christophe Taamourte

Solutions, the official newsletter of the 6th World Water Forum, will display complete summaries of each days primary events. These articles will be written by volunteers of the Projection Network who come from 19 different countries.

The World Water Forum will engage 27 young professionals of Projection Network to write and translate Solutions, an eight-page daily internet and print newspaper specifically covering the Forum. The writers include a team of eight journalists, graphic designers and webmasters of the online economic journal,

The young professionals include students and newly minted employees currently working or vying to work in the water domain normally dominated by engineers. These professionals come from Korea, France, Burkino Faso, Brazil, Benin, Haiti, Mauritania, Nigeria, Canada, Mexico, Jordan, Congo, Greece, Iran, Japon, Chad, Venezuala, Romania, the United States, Togo, and China. These individuals will cover each event that addresses their interests concerning the events in a growing world. 

A different look

Solutions intention isn't  to compete with the general media.  Its writers are neither journalists nor translaters. However, their cultural diversity and professional onsight concerning water will enable the forum's gazette to distinguish itself from the other information media.  Conventioneers will receive reliable, factual and neutral information.
From 8 a.m to 10 p.m daily, the 27 young professionals and  their tutors will be on the go to bring you a new french and english newspaper. Eight-pages will not suffice to cover all daily events due to the denseness of the 6th World Water Forum. We will do our best  to keep you informed and  maybe even have a surprise or two in store.
For a group of non-professionals from all around the globe to cover such a worldwide event with such strong institutional overtones at  which government heads, dozens of ministers, elected representatives and thousands of scientists indicate the openmindnesses of the Forum's organising committee.

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