Solidarity for water in the Niger Basin countries

17-18 October 2011 - Bamako, Mali

The Forum “Solidarity for water in the Niger Basin countries” is a decisive step in the preparation of the 6th World Water Forum scheduled in Marseille in March 2012.

The Fondation Chirac, alongside Malian authorities and the Niger Basin Authority, are calling for a mobilisation in support of the right to water and sanitation in the region of the Niger River and to encourage the joint management of river resources.

This initiative is part of Africa's Regional process of preparation for the World Water Forum, led by AMCOW (African Ministers' Council on Water). Its findings will be formally presented as the Niger Basin countries' contribution during the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, from March 12 to 17, 2012.
In July 2010, the United Nations recognised the right to drinking water as a fundamental right. Today, nearly 900 million people worldwide still lack access to improved water sources; over 337 million of them live in sub-Saharan Africa . This situation is particularly alarming in the Niger River Basin, because, in addition to these fundamental issues, there is also the challenge of managing shared resources.

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