Scientific and technical day: "Irrigation in search of new Sources of Economy"

15 March 2012 - Aix-en-Provence, France


Description of the visit:
The evolution of energy and as well as water prices worries strongly the world agricultural and landscape irrigation. Furthermore frequent conflicts focussing on water resource, question us on its uses priorities and stakes. Elsewhere water and energy consumptions control follow similar logics.

The topic of the first session will be to share the perception of irrigation water users on these issues, and to think from their experiences how to implement analytical methods of carbon and water footprint. 

The thoughts around the small water cycle are of growing concern. Using water in cascade, positioning the most quality demanding uses upstream and the most tolerant downstream, can help transform some pollutants in inputs are fast developing practices. Sharing experiences, understanding potential impacts and constraints related to the management and reclamation of treated wastewater are the main objectives of the second session.


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