Press Workshop – 6th World Water Forum

23 February 2012


-  André Flajolet, Pas-de-Calais MP at the French National Assembly, Parliamentary Process coordinator,

-  Jean-François Donzier, Executive Director of the International Office for Water , European Process coordinator,

-  Dominique Olivier, Delegate Secretary General of EUREAU,

-  Arnould Lefebure, Secretary General of the International Scheldt Commission, Youth parliament for Water coordinator.

At the European Parliament – Room ASP 8F388


The preparation of the 6th World Water Forum has focussed on six regional territories (4 large continental regions: Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe and 2 cross-continental regions : Mediterranean and Arab countries) so as to generate solutions adapted to local issues under a common framework of objectives defined thanks to the involvement of all relevant partners.

Furthermore, a Parliamentary Process was established to coordinate the work of elected officials worldwide and enable them to share their solutions for water.

During this workshop, the speakers will present the European Regional Process and the Parliamentary Process of the 6th World Water Forum.

Europe is the continent that has the greatest number of transborder rivers, lakes and aquifers in the world. European institutions and the countries of the pan-European area have already adopted many solutions to be brought to the Forum in the fields of transboundary cooperation, environmental protection or good governance. The European regional process has enabled to bring together different stakeholders, from the European Union, the Balkans, the Caucasus or Russia, in order to prepare strong commitments to address the future, which will be presented in Marseille.

The Parliamentary Process aims at making progress in the implementation of a permanent international Parliamentary “Helpdesk”. This tool will facilitate political cooperation regarding water-related legislation. It will also enable to share best practices and domestic water- related legislation.

Open to everyone, the Forum will gather 140 ministerial delegations and 800 speakers, NGOs, and public and private sector representatives from the 12th to the 17th of March 2012 in Marseille. It represents a key step to the resolution of water related problems in the world, from sanitation and access to clean water for all populations, to energy questions, including water resources management in light of climate change and food security.

Furthermore, the Forum will be a preparatory step for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development Rio +20, which will be held from 20th to 22nd June 2012.

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