Photo exhibition: Marseille, Longchamp and water

21 February-10 June 2012 - Palais Longchamp, Marseille, France



The Palais Longchamp, a monument dedicated to water

Photographic exhibition of Michel Eisenlohr dedicated to the Palais Longchamp built between 1862 and 1869 in Marseille by Henri Espérandieu. This exhibition includes about sixty photos in black and white (size 100x100 ; 40x60 ; 50x60 ; 60x70), bringing to light the Palais Longchamp, its water tower, its museums and the gardens as well as its more underestimated and secret places (The chapel of Carmelites and the inside of water tower).

This report was realized in a spontaneous way between 2005 and 2007 by Michei Eisenlohr, loving photographer of this symbolic place of the city. He gets as the seasons go by and hours of the day night and what makes at the same time the monumental and the poetry of this place.

This exhibition allows to emphasize one of the symbolic buildings of the city, whose architecture and the sculptural program commemorate the arrival of the water of the Durance to Marseilie. It is in a context of repeated aridities and epidemics of Cholera, that the municipality decides to devote its efforts to the purification and water supply. After ?fteen years of labour to create the 80 kilometers of the Canal of Marseille, the water of the Durance reaches on the sheif Longchamp in 1849. With it, the city opens in a new ere of prosperity and economic deveioprnent.

Through this artistic photographic exhibition, is the history of this human challenge which it is a question of reminding. The objective is thus artistic, educational and vector of communication, allowing by the way at once of photography, architecture and sculpture, an appropriation of water, these major common heritage.

Exhibiition from 21 February to 10 June 2012

Muséum d’Histoire naturelle
Palais Longchamp
Rue Espérandieu
13004 Marseille
(+33) 491 145 950
Open all days from 10am to 5pm except on Mondays and holidays. 


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