Exhibition « Les territoires de l’eau, irrigation et partage de l’eau en Méditerranée »

17 February - 13 July 2012 - Marseille

© Pierre Witt (photo)

This exhibition is designed as a trail encouraging visitors to “go with the flow”, and move from upstream to downstream, starting in high upland irrigation systems then navigating down to the deltas on the coast, on the way looking at oases and irrigated lands on the fluvial plains. The trail will also feature display points presenting technical exhibits (from the Musée des Arts et Métiers) and audiovisual archives (INA Institut National de l’Audiovisuel), showing how human communities in the Mediterranean used their ingenuity to capture and use water for agriculture. Then, throughout the exhibition tour visitors will be made aware of the all-important questions irrigation raises today in the Mediterranean Basin. Interactive displays will be installed to attract the younger age groups. A complementary programme of events (talks, discussions, films) will give opportunities to explore more deeply the various questions concerning irrigation in the Mediterranean.

This exhibition aims to enable visitors to understand how irrigation, which raises the essential questions of water distribution and sharing within territories and societies, is a core element of Mediterranean cultures and landscapes. It is intended for the general public of Marseille and the city’s region. A major feature (a set of interactive displays, games and organized activities) is designed especially to attract and interest young visitors. The Bouches-du-Rhône Council has designated the exhibition a cultural event, for 2012, as part of the platform “Territories and priority publics” (such as social welfare beneficiaries, people with handicap, young people in rehabilitation schemes).

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