Douai, World Capital for Water and Youth

7-10 November 2011 - Douai (Nord-Pas de Calais), France

The World Youth Parliament for Water and other youth initiatives are preparing for the 6th World Water Forum.

Nearly 50 young people from all continents, including 10 young WYPW parliamentarians are meeting this month in Douai, France, committing to water solutions in regards to 4 topics: access to safe water and sanitation worldwide, impacts of climate change and natural disasters, governance in water resources management at river basin level and, last but not least, a World Youth Parliament for Water Charter for the long term which will be unveiled in March 2012.

As a side event to the meeting, the 6th Forum Secretariat organised a coordination meeting to ensure coherence between the different youth initiatives of the Forum including all age groups (pupils, students, young professionals) from all over the world.  The project leaders shared the will of having the voice of the youth be heard in the mainstream process and agreed  upon a strategy to connect the existing networks and make the most of each initiative. It was decided to make a strong link with all levels of the political process in order to make sure that the youth have a say in the “mainstream” process of the Forum

On the road to the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, another coordination meeting will be organised in February 2012 to finalise the outputs of the process as well as the programme of the youth activities during the Forum week.


Yann Arthus-Bertrand supports the World Youth Parliament for Water:

Throughout my trips around the earth, I have noticed how much young people are the future of the world, how they subvert our habits, with their enthusiasm and with their hopes.
Water is a source of life, but in many countries, and particularly for the Third World children, water is also a source of disease or of hard labour while solutions are existing to greatly improve this situation.
Therefore, I firmly support the World Youth Parliament for Water which will be held in Marseille in March 2012, so that young people take their place there and participate in it, and so that they can bring their solutions.


Join in the WPYPW or any other Grassroots & Citizenship youth initiatives for  the Forum.

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