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An ecological wooden USB key (photo XDR) © CIF - Christophe Taamourte

Limiting paper consumption, reducing carbon footprints and favoring local supplies... the Forum develops its biofriendly ethic.

The World Water Forum calls on participants' imagination to further the water cause. It sparks innovative ideas  in order to reduce the Forum's "water imprint", be it directly or indirectly. Thus, the USB keys distributed allow participants to download  the information that interests them off the worldwaterforum6.org site. All the summary documents are uploaded by the Forum teams as the events take place. Saving paper is consistent with significantly reducing water consumption. Since 5 to 15 m3 of water are needed to produce 1 ton of paper, this method helps save at least 1000 m3 of water.

"All paper documents are labelled with Imprim’vert. It isn't possible to avoid using paper during such an event, because there is always a need for paper reference documents. But, for example, we give priority to pocket programmes over XXL programmes. We have also diffused a lot of paper free communication material, namely on iPhone and Flash Code", explains Claudine Chilinski, in charge of Forum communications. This initiative avoid delegates to transport tons of paper by train and/or plane to their respective countries. In other words, it helps to reduce significantly the Forum's carbon footprint.

Water "Made in Marseille"

Within the framework of this eco-responsible policy, organisers provide participants with convention kits made from recycled cardboard and fabric rope. It isn't just a matter of packaging, its a global approach. The included notepads are made from recycled paper and the USB keys from raw wood.

Another ecological initiative: invite conference participates to use the water carafes instead of disposable plastic bottles. Especially as Marseille boasts an unrivaled quality of water! "We have taken great pleasure in conceiving an intelligent "Made in Marseille" marketing scheme", assures Claudine Chilinski, who integrates local water supplies with this ecological ethic. To say nothing of the pleasure of giving people the opportunity to discover Marseille's know how!

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