Make way for women!

17 March 2012

The room was full at the high level session on women’s leadership in the water sector at the 6th World Water Forum, on 14 March. High level speakers and participants agree: women are the key to solving issues linked with water...> More

Virtual water used to compensate natural hydraulic inequalities

17 March 2012

In the context of diminishing water resources due to global population growth and climate change, quantifying previously hidden water within consumer goods sheds new light on our lifestyle. The virtual water concept also serves...> More

Spirituality and Water: Have We Reached a Utopia?

17 March 2012

Human Right to Water: "Relatively little water is used to meet basic human needs. Everyone needs water to survive".> More

Agreement signed between the IWRA and the AIDA

16 March 2012

During the 6th World Water Forum, the International Water Resources Association (IWRA) and the International Water Law Association (AIDA) signed an agreement to publish a special edition of Water International highlighting...> More

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Solutions to Commitments

16 March 2012

The Special Session will take place today 16 March at the Plenary> More

Right to water: solutions anchored in reality

16 March 2012

Upholding the right to water and sanitation results from a long process, according to a panel of experts introduced by Loïc Fauchon, President of the World Water Council. Concrete examples, however, prove that it is possible. > More

Share, to merge both river ecosystems and hydropower requirements.

16 March 2012

« In the Alps, hydropower is the first renewable energy source. But its ecological impacts threaten the water quality. The SHARE project (Sustainable Hydropower in Alpine Rivers Ecosystems) offers a decision...> More

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