Marseille, the World Water Capital by Jean-Claude Gaudin

17 January 2011

Vice-President of the French Senate & Mayor of Marseille As a 26 century-old city of trade with its arms open to the world, Marseille is proud to have been chosen by the Governors of the World Water Council to host the...> More

It’s time to share by Loïc Fauchon

15 January 2011

17 January 2011 President of the World Water Council On the long road to water access for all, we are standing at a crossroads. We are now in a world with scarce resources: a world in which the fate of future...> More

Water and development by Benedito Braga

14 January 2011

17 January 2011 President, International Forum Committee At the beginning of this millennium we face challenges in some parts of the world that were faced by Europeans at the beginning of last millennium....> More

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