Latin America and Caribbean resumes issues and solutions of Forum

22 March 2012

On 15 March, the six working groups of the Latin America and Caribbean regional sessions presented a general overview of the water issues in the Americas. Solutions were presented along with the conclusions of the regional...> More

Asia-Pacific Trialogue: Water Security of Urban Households

22 March 2012

Multilateral coherence in region booming with urbanism. > More

Water and Disasters: “Prepare for the unexpected”

22 March 2012

One year after the Fukishima catastrophe, the natural catastrophe links to water appeared as a subject of major preoccupation on an international scale, more so in the north than in the south. Political will power is key.> More

Monitor and evaluate for better water services

22 March 2012

Access to water is not an end in itself if the quality of the service is not met. Indicators measure the performance levels.> More

The Istanbul Water Consensus Pact, historical recognition of local and regional authorities

22 March 2012

At the end of the historical local and regional authoritiy political process, the Istanbul Pact reached 1070 signatories. In a time of global changes, local mayors and leaders bring concrete solutions to the water problem.> More

Parlementary Conference adopts its 2012 manifesto

22 March 2012

Parliamentarians from around the world commit to proposing water governance solutions and adopt a manifesto to serve as a road map.> More

Hydro commitments to continue efforts

22 March 2012

Closing the 6th World Water Forum, the parties agreed on the path of water policies. The implementation of more integrative solutions and the enforcement of existing rules and international agreements were discussed. > More

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