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The Village of Solutions

The Village of Solutions seeks to raise participants’ awareness through exhibits and special events in an enjoyable and educational way. The 4,000 m² village will be built to reveal all kinds of potential water solutions within the village’s school, library, town hall, factory and bank.
In the Library, or Pavilion of Knowledge, visitors can find out about global water issues and discover science-related solutions, research, information resources, case studies and best practice sharing. The Agora, both town square and coffee shop, is a meeting place for friendly and informal discussions, with all kinds of solutions showcased on large screens. The Factory, or Pavilion of Technology, will illustrate technical, industrial and “machine-object” solutions and will have a timeline mural. The Bank, or Pavilion of Finance, will unveil different funding mechanisms for addressing many water issues around the world.
The School, or Pavilion of Education, is probably one of the most amazing rooms, decorated with white tulle and mirrors, with its labyrinth of information displaying educational solutions and solutions that encourage responsible water use.
The Town Hall, or Pavilion of Policy, will showcase political solutions with water and democracy at their heart.
On the outskirts, the solutions of the Slum module will also be open to visitors.

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