3.1 Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems

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Priority for Action 3.1
“Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems”
Coordinator: Wetlands International
Core group members
European Water Association
World Wide Fund For Nature International
TARGET TSG Coordinator(s) Regional Links*
Target 1: By 2015, XX additional countries shall have established policies and strategies to protect and sustainably use their water resources and the ecosystems so that they that provide enough water, of adequate quality, as well as other ecosystem services, and by 2018 these policies and strategies have been institutionalised in the mandates of X national organisations and platforms World Wide Fund For Nature
Target 2: By 2015 establish regionally-defined innovative principles and practices and establish capacity in X basins to manage the flows and quality of surface and groundwater to maintain or improve the health of inland and coastal waters and of the corresponding ecosystems Global Environment Flows Network Europe
Target 3: By 2015, each country will set a quantitative target, with an agenda, on reducing nutrient inputs and pollution from urban wastewater effluent and land-based activities, supported by a national prioritization decision to protect and enhance the quality of water for human well-being and to support the sustainability of water resources and ecosystems. The target will be supported by strategic multi-stakeholder collaboration and by increasing scientific and technical cooperation at the international level UNESCO International Hydrological Programme
Target 4: By 2018, X river basin and water resource management plans and related implementation strategies safeguard and restore ecosystem services Wetlands International Europe
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