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The Thematic Process Commission aimed to set the stage to enable the World Water Forum and its participants to move from discussing issues to working on solutions and making commitments through the World Water Forum’s different processes.

The 6th World Water Forum’s Thematic Framework identified 12 key Priorities for Action and 3 Conditions for Success, and a series of targets has been suggested for each one of these wide-ranging themes. Working groups, namely the Core Groups and the Target and Solutions Groups, were established to work on ways to achieve these challenging targets.

All along the 6th World Water Forum preparatory process, these groups identified successful existing solutions and developed innovative ones. They also sought commitments from key stakeholders. Those gathered solutions and commitments have been presented at the 6th World Water Forum and will be further developed and promoted in the follow-up phase.

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The Thematic Framework

Towards Concrete Solutions:
The Thematic Framework identified key themes where the water community and wider World Water Forum stakeholders were able to contribute in practice to sustainable development. Stemming from the outcomes of the two Stakeholder Consultation Meetings (June 2010 and January 2011) and the work of the Thematic Process Commission, the International Forum Committee has adopted its Thematic Framework based on 12 Priorities for Actions within 3 overall Strategic Directions and 3 crosscutting Conditions for Success.

3 Strategic Directions:
The 3 Strategic Directions are in line with the 3 pillars of sustainable development. “Ensure Everyone’s Well-being” echoes social aspirations, « Contribute to economic development » covers the economic dimension and “Keep the Planet Blue” takes on environmental concerns.

12 Priorities for Action:
Under the umbrella of the 3 Strategic Directions, the 6th World Water Forum’s 12 Priorities for Action address a variety of issues and significantly define the scope of the World Water Forum. They have been considered as the objectives of the World Water Forum and drived contributions from the world water community and a wider range of stakeholders towards a more healthy, peaceful, prosperous and resilient blue planet.

3 crosscutting Conditions for Success:
Three crosscutting Conditions for Success have been identified within the proposed Framework as the means to achieve progress in each of these areas. They constitute strong enabling factors in addressing all the Priorities for Action.

The Thematic Framework guided and structured the World Water Forum’s various preparatory processes and subsequent efforts.

The Targets

A series of Targets translated each Priority for Action and Condition for Success into concrete and achievable objectives. The 6th edition of the World Water Forum strived to initiate the process which made the targets tangible, thanks to a solution-oriented approach and multi-stakeholder engagement processes.

To this extent, targets are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound), and result from WISE (Wide Involvement, Stakeholder Engagement) processes.

The success of a particular target was dependent on the commitment of a stakeholder group to that target and on the implementation of concrete solutions. It was also essential that the target’s political and regional aspects were translated into actions, making the crucial connection between the World Water Forum’s different processes.

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The Core Groups

A Core Group (CG) is a small consortium of organisations vested with the tasks of:

- Being involved in identifying existing successful or innovative targets and solutions;
- Coordinating the work of Target and Solutions Groups;
- Liaising with other Core Groups and other World Water Forum processes;
- Reporting on solution delivery and commitments.

Core Groups were also in charge of coordinating the organisation of the related World Water Forum sessions, events or other projects with the support of the 6th World Water Forum Secretariat.

Each Core Group was led by a Core Group Coordinator, who was ultimately accountable for the development and coordination of the subject matter in close interaction with stakeholders.

The Target & Solutions Groups

A Target & Solutions Group (TSG) is a multi-stakeholder group dedicated to a specific target. It is tasked with:

- developing a detailed target action plan
- identifying and reporting on solutions that can contribute to reach their given target
- and encouraging stakeholders to commit to its target and/or solutions

Target and Solutions Group were also in charge of proposing to their Core Group a session and its presentations for the 6th World Water Forum.

Each Target and Solutions Group was led by a Target and Solutions Group Coordinator, who was ultimately accountable for the delivery of all the TSG’s outputs.


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Priorities for Action
Click below on each Priority for Action to access its latest list of targets

Core Group Coordinator

Guarantee access to water for all and the Right to water

Swiss Development Cooperation

Improve access to integrated sanitation services for all

International Water Association

Contribute to hygiene and health through water and sanitation

World Health Organisation

Prevent and respond to water-related risks and crises

Action Contre la Faim

Contribute to Cooperation and Peace through water


Balance multiple uses through Integrated Water Resource Management

American Water Resources Association

Contribute to food security by optimal use of water


Harmonize water and energy

International Water Association

International Hydropower Association


Promote green growth and value ecosystem services


Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems

Wetlands International

Adjust pressures and footprints of human activities on water


Respond to climate and global changes in an urbanizing world

Cooperative Programme on Water and Climate

Conditions for Success
Click below on each Condition for Success to access its latest list of targets
Core Group Coordinator

Good Governance

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

Financing Water for All

European Investment Bank

Enabling Environments


For more information, contact the Secretariat of the 6th World Water Forum by writing to the following address:

Forum main outcomes

The work accomplished before and during Marseille is not an end point. It will be pursued towards the next World Water Forum in the form of multiple partnerships and initiatives.

The wealth of knowledge and actions produced during the 6th World Water Forum are now available in various forms, which can be found on the outcomes page of the Forum website.

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Post-Forum Highlights

The Forum outcomes

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