The Parliamentarian Process

The parliamentarian session within the World Water Forum was held on March 15th (all day) and 16th (morning only).  

The international steering committee of the Parliamentarian Process is co-chaired by Mr. André Flajolet (Deputy for the Pas-de-Calais department, President of the French National Water Committee) and Mr. Pierre Victoria (General Delegate of the French Water Society (Cercle Français de l’Eau), Governor of the World Water Council).

Building on the earlier fora held in Mexico (2006) and Istanbul (2009), the one and a half day Parliamentarian Session has provided a unique platform for exchange and cooperation between parliamentarians from all regions in the world, in consultation with international experts and practitioners working on water and sanitation issues.

Guided by the Forum’s motto, "Time for Solutions", the Parliamentarian Session will aim to strengthen parliamentarians’ capacities and to reinforce their decisive role in supporting water and sanitation issues within political arenas at national, regional and international levels. A special focus has been placed upon parliamentarian solutions relating to a series of key water challenges, so that they may induce parliamentary representatives to pledge action towards the implementation of those solutions in their respective regions.

Parliamentarians have been thus expected to bring their contributions on a series of critical issues such as:

- Water security and access to drinking water and sanitation;

- The economic role of water in poverty reduction, sustainable development and (green) growth ;

- The governance of water and sanitation services;

- Trans-boundary water resource management;

- Water, Energy, Food, and Health.

Thematic topics have been further refined according to the issues that emerged in the course of the preparatory work of the parliamentarian process and the parliamentarians’ proposed responses to them.

In order to respond concretely to these challenges, we invite you to share your Parliament’s best concrete solution(s) (i.e.: solution-driven legislation, good practices, and case studies) that fit(s) the SMART performance requirements of the Forum (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound). Please post your proposal directly on the World Water Forum website at the following address:

Please send a copy for follow-up to
Mrs. Sandrine Legrand ( and to
Mr. François-Xavier IMBERT (

The creation of a "Water Legislation Helpdesk", as a knowledge-sharing tool on water legislation was also discussed and a zero draft has been presented for feedback and guidance.

Last but not least, a Parliamentarian Declaration has been submitted within the framework of the criteria and requirements of the Forum and includes key messages to take to Rio+20 and beyond.

Click here to have a look at some of the solutions which are legislative and policy in character.


For any further information, please send a detailed request to: Mrs. Sandrine Legrand at: and to Mr. François-Xavier IMBERT at:

More info on the Parliamentarian conference here.

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Recent parliamentarian events

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    10 June 2011 - Strasbourg, France
  • Second International Meeting for the preparation of the Parliamentarian Process of the 6th World Water Forum
    16 February 2012 - French National Assembly, Paris, France
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