Guiding principles, building blocks

What is the major ambition of the 6th World Water Forum? Simply put: Solutions for people.

The 6th Forum Guiding PrinciplesUsing the results of previous Fora and other international meetings as a foundation, we will aim to develop and to trigger actual implementation of concrete solutions through the achievement of a series of targets in a number of priority areas. This will include contributions and successful case studies from the world water community, generating commitment to successfully implement innovative or existing solutions in order to meet those targets.

Four preparatory processes of the Forum will coordinate their activities to prepare and facilitate implementation of solutions to the identified priorities for action.


All stakeholders develop and facilitate the implementation of action targets mobilising a variety of organisations to reach the goals associated with each priority for action.
Thematic Process page


Governments, parliamentarians, local authorities develop political targets and solutions, e.g. cities commit to reduce the energy footprints of their water services under the Istanbul Water Consensus process.
Political Process page


Regional processes In the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and in sub-regions develop and facilitate the implementation of targets referring to regional priorities, as identified in previous Fora.
Regional Process page (to come)
Regional Process page


Develop and facilitate the implementation of targets through citizen’s actions and local experiences.
Grassroots and citizenship Process page

The Forum preparation will rest on 4 processes conducted in a multi-stakeholder way and interconnected. The Forum Week in March 2012 will provide an opportunity for all participants to share the results of these processes and to build momentum toward the continued implementation of solutions.

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