The Grassroots & Citizenship Process

Involving citizens in the Forum

The World Water Forum’s legitimacy results from the very large involvement of all water stakeholders: political decision-makers, water users and beneficiaries, civil society organisations, water experts and practitioners. These water stakeholders must continuously strive to involve a larger array of economic, social and cultural actors, since water is not an end in itself but a tool for the development of our societies and of our livelihoods.

The 6th World Water Forum ambitions therefore to involve all local stakeholders, and in particular water consumers and water users. To this end a new Commission, the Grassroots and citizenship Commission was created and is commissioned to ensure the rooting of the 6th World Water Forum in the local, national, regional and international realities and to contribute to citizen’s solutions in favour of water.

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The network initiatives

You can also join one of our Grassroots & Citizenship networks:

  • Youth

    from children to young professionals
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

  • Culture and ethics

    to open the debate on water to an ethical, cultural and spiritual approach.

Our local business initiative

The city of Marseille, the local and regional authorities - the MPM Urban Community, the Regional Council, the General Council and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry CCIMP - and the organisers - undertake to give a privileged place in the heart of the Forum to local and regional businesses of all sizes, activities and horizons.

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The Grassroots and citizenship Project

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