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Do you have a solution that will encourage positive change? Do you want to be involved in making a difference? Do you want to commit to a particular target or solution?

How to contribute?

In order to enable a widespread involvement and to trigger concrete contributions for water, the “Platform of Solutions” is open to all stakeholders and public at large. This interactive tool enables everyone to propose and access feasible solutions. It also helps foster and secure the necessary commitments for their implementation and upscaling throughout the world.

We will publish your solution online in due time and may contact you for more details further down the line. All solutions will be collected and might be published eventually.

What is a Solution?

Existing or innovative solutions can be legal (a law, a decree, a treaty…), technical (an appropriate device, a plant, a tool, a software…), institutional (governance structures, plans, policies…), financial (levy, transfers, tariffs…) or communication-related (advocacy campaigns, videos, leaflets…).
Above all, your solution must contribute to tackling a key water-related issue and help reach the World Water Forum targets in any regions in the world.

7 criteria will help define the most promising solutions:

  • Strategic fit with a Forum target: the solution addresses a specific need or a problem in a way that helps reach the target
  • Ground-tested: the solution has already been successfully implemented and shared on the ground
  • Cost-effectiveness: the solution yields significant impacts (outputs, outcomes) given the level of investments required (not only financial) and/or when compared to other possible solutions that could be applied to achieve the same target
  • Demonstrated impact: the solution’s positive impact has been demonstrated and success factors have been identified
  • Replicability: the solution has potential for scaling up or replication in other contexts
  • Commitment: the solution has convinced a range of stakeholders to commit to implement it in the future
  • Sustainability: the solution can continue to deliver tangible positive social, economic and environmental impacts on the long run

Read more : Solutions Kit

Who to send your contribution to?

If you wish to get more detailed information about a precise Priority for Action, you can use the email addresses in the table below.

Priorities for Action
Click below on each Priority for Action to access its latest list of targets

Core Group Coordinator

Guarantee access to water for all and the Right to water

Swiss Development Cooperation

Improve access to integrated sanitation services for all

International Water Association

Contribute to hygiene and health through water and sanitation

World Health Organisation

Prevent and respond to water-related risks and crises

Action Contre la Faim

Contribute to Cooperation and Peace through water


Balance multiple uses through Integrated Water Resource Management

American Water Resources Association

Contribute to food security by optimal use of water


Harmonize water and energy

International Water Association

Promote green growth and value ecosystem services


Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems

Wetlands International

Adjust pressures and footprints of human activities on water


Respond to climate and global changes in an urbanizing world

Cooperative Programme on Water and Climate

Conditions for Success
Click below on each Condition for Success to access its latest list of targets
Core Group Coordinator

Good Governance

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

Financing Water for All

European Investment Bank

Enabling Environments


Kindly note that the targets are live material and still work-in-progress ; please do not hesitate to visit the targets' list page regularly to keep abreast of the latest developments.

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