• 2.4 Promote green growth and value ecosystem services

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    Priority for Action 2.4
    “Promote green growth and value ecosystem services”
    Coordinator: International Union for the Conservation of Nature
    Core group members
    The Nature Conservancy
    Korean Water
    French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing
    TARGET TSG Coordinator(s) Regional Links*
    Target 1: By the end of 2012, propose a policy framework for action on water in green growth to decision makers that considers, amongst other things, issues of innovation, economic valuation, investment and accounting.  It should support policy work on meeting the MDGs and implementation of Rio+20 agreements and commitments, at local, national and regional levels, and take into account the 6th World Water Forum’s political declarations. World Water Council Asia-Pacific
    Target 2: By 2015, a group of international institutions set up tools and case studies to quantify the impacts on poverty reduction and/or job growth of drinking water supply, wastewater management and natural capital investments.  By 2015, provide tools to stimulate innovations linked to water either technical or management mechanisms in order to better protect / restore aquatic ecosystems and to contribute to low carbon, circular economy. By 2012, share examples of such innovations and of existing stimulation mechanisms. French Professional Association of Water Utilities
    Target 3: By 2015, water resource management plans in xx countries are backed by explicit financing plans that cover the costs of both the services (including watershed services) and the administration for water resource management. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
    Target 4: By 2015, reference methods for guiding the economic valuation of water resources and ecosystems are available to business, governments, and finance institutions. By 2018, those reference methods are standardized to enforce the systematic inclusion of economic values of water resources and ecosystemic services in projects and plans of agriculture, energy and infrastructures. Department of Economics of Natural Resources and Risks of the French ministry of Ecology:

    World Business Council on sustainable Development
    Target 5: By 2020, green accounting methodologies fully incorporating the environmental, social and economic dimensions of water are demonstrated in national accounting case studies for three countries. UNESCO – World Water Assessment Programme

    World Bank
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