• The Local and Regional Authorities Process

    The Local and Regional Authorities (LRA) process will highlight Local and Regional Authorities’ major role in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.The 6th Forum will build on the results of the political processes organised previously. Thereby, the Istanbul Water Consensus (IWC), main output of the LRA political process of the 5th World Water Forum (Istanbul, 2009), is the cornerstone of the LRA process of the 6th World Water Forum.

    Contact : iwc@worldwatercouncil.org

    3rd International Conference of Local and Regional Authorities for Water (14-15 March 2012)

    On the occasion of the 6th World Water Forum, held in Marseille from 12 to 17 March 2012, 350 local and regional elected officials from across the 5 continents have met to increase international the mobilization of local and regional authorities on the issues of water and sanitation and to reinforce the commitments agreed upon in the Istanbul Water Consensus.  In the framework of the Forum’s political process, the World Water Council organized, jointly with UCLG, the 3rd International Conference of Local and Regional Authorities for Water. With 12 thematic sessions, this International Conference presented the advances realized under the Istanbul Water Consensus since its adoption during the 5th World Water Forum in 2009, and allowed participants to exchange on key issues such as water and urbanization, cooperation and solidarity, as well as regional governance.

    Political Message from Local and Regional Authorities 

    Photos and Videos of the Conference of Local and Regional Authorities

    Photos from the Opening ceremony are available here:

    Photos from the Ceremony of signature of the Istanbul Water Consensus are available here:

    Videos are available here: http://www.worldwaterforum6.org/?id=306

    Background: The Istanbul Water Consensus

    It's a global compact signed on a voluntary basis by Local and Regional Authorities willing to adapt their water infrastructure and services to the emerging challenges they are increasingly facing such as climate change, rapid urban growth, depletion and pollution of water resources or ageing infrastructure.

    Through the signature of the document, LRA commit to prepare action plans, to develop targets and related indicators to monitor progress toward these targets. The implementation phase is being supported by a number of Champion Cities acting as drivers and guides for implementation on particular challenges. Cities and Regions also commit to reporting back on the progress at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille.

    As of March 2012, more than 1000 Mayors from 58 countries have signed it.

    The text of the Istanbul Water Consensus is available in 9 languages:

    How to join the Istanbul Water Consensus?

    1. Get approval from the appropriate local authority

    2. Fill in the Form:
        - online
        - download it in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese

    3. Return it to the World Water Council,
       - by e-mail: iwc@worldwatercouncil.org
       - or by fax: +33 4 91 99 41 01

    4. Define your targets and commitments (cf.Guidelines in Annex of the Istanbul Water Consensus) and send your electronic file (Excel, Word, Pdf or ppt) to iwc@worldwatercouncil.org 

    Overall objectives of the LRA process for the 6th Forum

    1. Increase and strengthen the global mobilisation of local authorities in the water sector and help signatories of the IWC to follow up on their initial commitments;
    2. Provide Local Authorities opportunities to exchange with water experts and to identify and develop concrete solutions to address their challenges. Highlight these local solutions;
    3. Increase, widen and improve the geographical balance of the IWC signatories;
    4. Develop and facilitate new partnerships among local authorities and in particular through decentralised cooperation;
    5. Develop constructive dialogue with the other political levels involved in the Forum (Ministers, Parliamentarians)

    Ultimately, the expected outcome of this process is a stronger recognition of the role of Local and Regional authorities in the global political debate on water.

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    Post-Forum Highlights